Our services.

Out of Hours

The staff at the Out of Hours Unit give advice and treatment to people in North East Lincolnshire with urgent medical problems while GP surgeries are closed (weekdays before 8am and after 6.30pm, weekends, bank holidays). This may happen by telephone call or by seeing a GP or a nurse face to face.

Home Visits

Doctors from the centre will visit patients at home if medically necessary. This is usually the case where patients are too ill to leave the house or generally unable to get into a car. Otherwise the centre is the best place to see patients who are unwell. Patients requesting help from the centre have to organise transport themselves - problems in organising this are not a reason to request a home visit.

Emergency contraception

Women aged 25 years and younger can obtain free emergency contraception (often called 'morning after pill' but still effective after 24 hours and longer) from a number of local chemists.

Advice about ongoing treatment:

Unless a known medical problem gets worse it is not the purpose of the emergency centre to give a second opinion where patients are already receiving treatment by their GP.