About Core Care Links

Urgent medical problems:

Your own GP can usually offer you a good range of appointment times, however medical problems do happen or get worse while the surgery is closed. Patients can often deal with some these problems by themselves until they are able to see their own GP but some conditions need a closer look (questions from a doctor, examination) as well as tests or treatment.

Doctors, nurses and other staff at the Grimsby Area GP Emergency Centre (GAPCEC) provide help for urgent problems. The centre has a track record of more than 15 years. The staff members work locally in the daytime and know the area well.

What we do:

The staff at the Grimsby Area Primary Care Emergency Centre (GAPCEC) give advice and treatment to people in North East Lincolnshire with urgent medical problems while GP surgeries are closed (weekdays before 8am and after 6.30pm, weekends, bank holidays). This may happen by telephone call or by seeing a GP or a nurse face to face.

What to do in case of a problem:

If you have a problem yourself or are the guardian or carer of someone who you think needs urgent medical advice you can contact the centre by phoning (01472) 256222 . Your call will be answered by an adviser who will record some information about you. You may then be given immediate advice, be asked to come to the centre or receive a further phone call from a doctor. Many problems can be dealt with on the phone. To save you from coming to the centre unnecessarily we request that you contact us by phone in the first instance. If in any doubt we will have a look at you.

What happens afterwards:

After any contact the staff at the GAPCEC will tell patients or carers what they should do or what should happen next. The centre gives your own GP an update about your problem and any treatment you may have received at the earliest opportunity. This also applies when you are not resident in the area.

Where we are:

The centre is located on the ground floor of the Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital, Grimsby. It shares a reception with the Accident & Emergency Department (A&E).

Who we are:

Core Care Links are a company limited by guarantee who provide emergency primary care on behalf of the North East Lincolnshire Care Trust Plus (NELCTP). The company operates as a social enterprise, i.e. it is not for profit.

The members and directors of the company are local GPs and a nurse with a long experience in out of hours care. About half of the local GPs work shifts in the emergency centre.


Meet our Team

Dr Rakesh Pathak

Clinical Director

Dr Arun Nayyar

Clinical Director

Dr Thomas Maliyil

Clinical Director

Dr Nathalie Dukes

Clinical Director

Dr Martin Clausen

Clinical Director

Soraya Jenney

Operations Manager

Jenni Plume

Operational Supervisor

Gemma Johnson

Clinical Rota & Service Coordinator

Joanne Balding

Finance Officer