About Core Care Links

Core Care Links are a company limited by guarantee who provide emergency primary care on behalf of the North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (NELCCG). The company operates as a social enterprise, i.e. it is not for profit.

The five Directors are local practising GPs all with experience in out of hours care and are supported by a Manager and Operational Supervisor. All GPs working within the Out of Hours service are local GPs.

The out of hours unit is located within the Fracture Clinic. The service is clearly sign posted from the main entrance of the hospital

Meet our Team

Dr Rakesh Pathak

Clinical Director

Dr Arun Nayyar

Clinical Director

Dr Thomas Maliyil

Clinical Director

Dr Nathalie Dukes

Clinical Director

Dr Martin Clausen

Clinical Director

Soraya Jenney

Operations Manager

Jenni Plume

Operational Supervisor

Gemma Johnson

Clinical Rota & Service Coordinator

Joanne Balding

Finance Officer